He thinks I'm gonna cheat on him.

so when I broke up with my boyfriend a couple months ago he thought I was cheating on him..and now were back together and sometimes he get those bad thoughts like I'm gonna cheat on him and stuff and will sorta get mad..so like what do I do..do I like talk to him or I don't know what to do..a little help guys


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  • This guy sounds like he really doesn't trust you at all. In order for you to grow and maintain a healthy and happy relationship, you really have to have that trust. Unless he can overcome that fact, he's just going to end up accusing you of cheating again. Talk to him, and find out what is making him so insecure. You guys are going to have to be really open with each other for a while in order to form that bond... chances are the guy has been cheated on before, and just has his back up. It probably won't work otherwise.

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