Why would my ex flat out ignore me via text?

I sent him a text telling him that he looked great in one of his pics I saw, he read it and never replied.
We're both single currently and a week ago he said he was single and that he was still into me but I was taken a ack by this and was surprised.
We had a good breakup?
Why is he ignoring me now?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Who cares, he's your ex right. Just move on... Hate when girls act like this man

    • Act how?

    • Tryna figure out why your X isn't doing this or that. Girls cause a lot of unnecessary problems to themselves. Just move on and look forward, not backwards

Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't want to Use this Word "Hate" because it is a Nasty word I despise. However, Sour ball is More like it in my Book of Etiquette here, dear, for perhaps when he stated he was 'Still into me' he got the 'Nasty' Impression that You... May have NOT believed him.
    I am feeling that it is too soon for any of you to 'Move on,' but Not to late to patch up perhaps any Differences and Get on the same 'no rage' page.
    Send him another text and ask him "Are you okay?" See what happens with a Last attempt.
    However, with time and some Silence that may be his Own golden Word, he May Still come around and Maybe then, you both can be on the Same stomping ground.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 1

  • you probably insulted him by your reaction, its easy to misinterpret surprise for other things. try emailing him and being honest about how you feel. ask him what he thought your reaction meant. if you had a decent break up it means a lot. he may have realized you have more value than the average woman.

    its humorous, but I think people should break up first and get together last.


What Girls Said 5

  • He's trying to move on, and feels if he responds he might give you false hopes by keeping the lines of communication open. You must focus on yourself now, and not on him. Is he contacting you at all? If not, stop contacting him now. It'll only prolong the healing process. Stay busy, block his number so that you're not tempted to contact him during your healing process. It worked for me. Time works wonders.

  • He's sending you a silent sign that he wants you out of his life. Move on. He isn't obliged to answer your texts anymore.

  • Because you aren't a priority anymore. Why do you care?

    Move on hun, he has.

  • He's your ex & he has most likely moved on with his life.

  • How many times did u contact him since then?


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