I'm doubting the relationship, should I just end it?

I have been dating this guy for 3 years, we have lived together the last 6 months. We have always been happy, but lately I'm doubting it. I don't even know if he is still happy. He says he loves me and wasn't to be together but he does not give has much affection.


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  • Don't end it, spice it up! See if you guys can put the spark back in it. You're probably both just comfortable with each other. Try something new, wear something new (you know what I mean).

    Now, on the other side, if you really try, and he doesn't respond, then talk to him. Talk before ending it, something else might be on his mind. He might really be happy, but stressed out about something else in his life. See if you can talk to him and be there for him.

    If all that fails, then yeah, it's probably time to end it. But ending it should be the last option.


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  • It could be that the relationship has cooled down because there's enough trust and comfort and it doesn't need to be constantly maintained and validated like a new relationship does. That's pretty normal when a couple starts living together, and actually most good marriages are like that.

    Or either of you (or both) could be getting bored and/or learning things about each other that just don't "mesh." Guys usually won't come out and say it when they're feeling that way- possibly because they just don't recognize it for what it is right away. I'm not saying this is what's happening with you, but it's not uncommon for two people to start to drift apart because they just aren't right for each other anymore.

    So long as the relationship is decent and not harmful to either of you, I think you should try not to overanalyze it and avoid making any impulsive decisions until you are more clear about what you're feeling - 3 years is a considerably long time and you live together, and allowing yourself to consider other perspectives may be all that is needed.

  • I ended my 2 year relationship when I was doubting things and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. All we needed was some space and a little bit of time apart. Luckily we are now back together - we almost weren't though, If you end it and change your mind you run the risk of your partner meeting someone else and that will suck. That's what happened to me anyway.


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