Why are dumpers so mean after the break up?

Just wondering why in general, he's so angry with me no matter what I do, either ignores me or is angry and if I back off he can't get off the phone with me then a week later is shoving the fact he went on a date in my face. What's going on? Now he's saying that of he told me to get my boobs out I would and I was like no I wouldn't you are seeing someone and I know you wouldn't ask me that and he was like you still would and I was like no I'm seeing someone I don't do that, then he was like ok night night, this man is 28 what is going on?


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  • Why are you still talking to him?

    • His Christmas present came, I ordered it from before we split up and because it came from china it's taken over a month, I got so excited about giving it too him because I had such good memories and it was specially picked out for him, and do still care about him, I'm very clear about what's going on with my new date and he's been so supportive and understands that I've still a lot of feelings for my ex but don't want to go back there

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    • Honestly if a girl gave me a present after I dumped her I would think the same thing that he did. I wouldn't say it out loud, but I would think it

    • Think what I want to show you my boobs?

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