Would you take him back... Down the road?

So my now ex fiance and I were very happy, we moved 13 hours from home and our life was great he turned into almost the absolute perfect man being away from home. Well, we drove up to our home town for Thanksgiving, everything was great as usually still happy talking about our wedding etc. Same night we get there he goes to Wendy's in his home town, without me, and sees this girl he "loved " when he was 17 and she was 12. & now he's leaving me for her? I know insane it's been the worst heartbreak but I've been stuck 13 hours from home, still with him, still in love still talking everyday still hugs and kisses and sex and sleeping together... But I'm going back to my home state soon... My question is, what would you do... I know I shouldn't go back, after this but I know I will always love him and won't want to move on. Would you try again down the road? Knowing this is your best friend you're his, you guys were in love and about to get married in 8 months, been engaged for 9 months, in a relationship for 4 years... Do you think you could let it go?


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  • No he cheated. End of story. That relationship is done for.


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