Guys, IlHELP!!! Is he mirroring me or something or am I just thinking about it too much?

My ex and I started seeing each other again and it's been great.

I am never on Facebook during the day at work and he usually is. It been 2weeks and he hasn't been on there during the day at work at all. I was wondering if this is a sign of him mimicking me or mirroring my actions. I know guys usually mimik you or mirror your actions when they like you so is this what he is doing?


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  • If that's the only thing then I doubt it, if he is back with you maybe he has no interest in socializing right now

    • What

    • I don't think he staying off Facebook to mimic you, he probably is busy doing other things and is back with you so no need to socialize on Facebook. Is there anything else he copies?

    • We'll no but we're not official yet and we never socialized via Facebook.

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