My best friends fiancée left him, and he wants advice. What should I say?

I've been in love with my best friend since I was thirteen. I've watched him date women here and there and none were as serious as this one girl. He proposed to her in November and I was a bit sad because I've always loved him. He found out yesterday that she cheated on him and they broke off their engagement. When I heard this I had mixed emotions: I was happy that he was not marrying her, but I was also heartbroken for him because he was so sad and hurt. He texted me and is seeking comforting words, but I'm not sure what to say to make him feel better. Any ideas?


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  • Just be an ear he can bend for the time being. Maybe ask him if he would like to go and see a movie or have a drink or even coffee if drinking isn't your thing.
    CAUTION !! Don't reveal your interest in him at this time , the last thing either of you want or need is a rebound relationship

  • Now is not the time to reveal any feelings for him. Ask him out for a cup of coffee and just let him talk to you.


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