Hold on tight or let go?

I've been in a monogamous relationship with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. Its undoubtedly has been plagued with issues and difficult situations. We both have sacrificed and suffered loss of some sort. I feel that my sacrafice has been significantly greater but in no way blame him as i made my choices. The circumstances are less than ideal and include my divorce and fighting for custody of my daughter, being estranged from my fsmily to be with him and a whole lot of driving on my part to be eith my daufhter and with him. I've done my best to be there for him and to be the best i can for hom but i fell short. He says i dont love him the way he needs to be loved. That im just not enough., I truly love this man, unconditionally. His flaws, his temper, his imperfections all of them, i acceot him. I believed our commitment should have been off limits but it alwaysgot broken by him. He gets angry with me for something every day. He breaks up and kicks me out once a week. I feel disposable, rejected, weak, my self esteem is on the floor it wasn't before. i feel inadequate. I feel defeated but i dont want to quit. Our sex is off the charts. With him i learned what intimacy is, i had never let anyone in so close as i allowed him ro get. ( We are both in our 40's. Divorced) the past couple months he has become distant and cold but still loyal and is there for me every time i need him. We were engaged then not on again off again. he is hostile and moody i piss him off without fail almost every day. He scrutinize everything i say, he questions where i go he has to have access to all my accounts which o dont mind i am open and haven't anything to hide. So i dont knownwhat to do he told me its over becaise i dont love him the way he needs me to. He blocked me from making contact and told me i was wrong for taking his love. Im baffled and dont know what to do. Is it time to walk away or do i continue to profess my love and commitment?
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  • There's few things that hurt more than to love someone and have that love shunned. I don't know that I would call what he feels love honestly. It's obvious he doesn't trust you for what ever reason. He runs you down constantly , belittles you and in general crushes your spirit ; that's control in my world , not love. You would do good to let him go being he has let you go. Focus on making things good with your Daughter and the family.


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