Ex asks for help and then blocks me, what the hell?

About a year ago, my ex broke up with me in possibly the most cowardly fashion after his father died. I've gone above and beyond my duty of girlfriend/ex, helped him even months and months after the break up!

A month ago, he comes running back (after months of being that "fuck boy" telling me he misses me then disappearing) and admits his faults, admits he hates himself pushing me away and that he's suffering badly with depression and can't help himself out.
Me being the kind natured, good hearted person I am, dropped all my grudges to help him, AGAIN. After telling me his feelings come back everytime we meet, and then telling me he can't be with me but I'm the only one who cares and the only one who understands, I carried on helping. Helped him look for new jobs and we carried on talking for a few weeks... then in his true bastard self, he went quiet and none of my messages were getting read...

Weeks on, I've now found out I've been blocked on everything (Facebook, Whatsapp, the lot) without having said a bad word to him...

Bridges burnt and all that now, but I can't help wonder why? Why the need to block someone who you needed weeks ago? If someone with a smarter brain out there could point me into the right direction it might help me stop asking these same damn questions over and over...

I feel over him now, well and truly but unfortunatley, the questions are still driving me insane!


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  • > hot guy
    > others girls chase him
    > OP is overly attracted girl


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  • Well he knew that he was able to rely and depend on you when he needed help and no one was there to help him.

    So he went to you when he needed help, played the "I'm emotionally not well" card and you helped him. Now he got what he wanted from you (help in this instance) and his gone. His not going to stay around with you, there is no point. You guys are ex's for starters.


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  • Wait and see 😋


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