How can I forget about someone without cutting all ties?

I have been in love with this girl for almost a year now and but unfortunately she friendzoned me 3 months ago without actually giving me a reason to why she did it which was weird because we were already dating so to speak and we had exchanged our feelings and they were mutual but somehow from one day to another she just changed the way she behaved around me and it became pretty obvious she wasn't into the idea of having a relationship with me anymore ( i suspect her ex boyfriend had something to do with it ).

Now as i said it has been 3 months already and i still feel the same way about her and i just can't get her off my mind. The reason being that she actually felt different than any other girl i knew, to me she felt like THE one, that being said i hope you can understand why i can't get over her. My life now consists of holding back all these feelings and just playing it cool but from the inside i am hurt as hell... we are in the same class and since she thinks of me as a good friend she always take a sit next to me, on social media i can try to avoid her but that doesn't also and to just ignore her because she rejected me seems a bit childish in my opinion, so all of this makes it difficult to forget about her.

I would like to hear what you guys can advise me to do if i want to forget about her without cutting all ties with her and just keep being myself in the proces, so please feel free to give advice or experiences that could help me.


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  • Just push the thought of her away when she comes to mind


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