Right, what exactly is my ex's behaviour about tonight? It's just weird?

Tonight, I returned his clothes - all washed and ironed - his DVDs and books. Clothes smelled of my washing up liquid and my room -which smells of perfume and candles. I wrote a small note saying if he wanted anything replaced, I'd replace it. And I left the bag by his door.

I texted him to tell him it was there. He texted back just saying he'd just got in from work and thanked me. Literally half an hour later, he told me he was drunk and had been downing bottles of cider.

He seemed to be joking with me a little... and saying some kinda daft things. Then he suddenly stopped replying. So I texted him and asked if he wanted me to leave him alone to drink. He never answered yes or no, just said 'okay :)'. So I got a little offended and just said I thought he'd be happy that I suggested leaving him alone and asked if I should just delete his number now he has his things back.

there's been no reply at all to that. So now I just wonder, is he too preoccupied with another girl or is he feeling a bit emotional now that I've piled all the things on his door. I just don't understand his behaviour. It was like he was warming up to me then instantly drew back again :(

any light to shed?
  • He's drunk and maybe he was getting nostalgic
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  • He's probably moved onto someone new and maybe he wanted to stop talking to you and drunk dial her instead
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  • He's not over you yet and doesn't know exactly what he wants
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  • Getting his things back maybe made him feel miserable
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