Guys, HELP!!! Does this mean anything?

I was talking to this guy I am seeing and I told him I wouldn't care if he went to a party without me if we were dating and he didn't say anything and just turned his head.

Did that mean anything because he didn't say anything to that comment or whatnot?
Guys please comment!!!
Guys opinions please!!!


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  • Naw it probably doesn't mean anything (depending on his personality type).

    Because some guys are more "excited" than other when it comes to this kind of thing. Ya know while other guys aren't that way at all. Naw they're more nonchalant about it. So while it seems like they didn't care, they really did + would love to show ya off to their friends.

    • don't put to much stock into it... until ya hear about him leaving you behind while he parties every other night... behind your back.

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    • No problem

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  • Maybe he's a little upset, but it didn't really mean anything

    • Alttle upset about what?

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