Has anyone started to become afraid/scared after a breakup? like, scared of life, of living?

Me and my ex broke up three years ago. He was the love of my life. Since the day we broke up i started to be afraid of everything (e. g. from walking alone at nigh to daring to do something new in life). Before this happened i remember myself as a very brave person. Now, years have passed, many things in my life have changed, except from the fear i started feeling since then. Wish i knew more about this..
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Explanation: i didn't stagnate, i did new things in life, i continued... but that dose of fear is always within me.. it makes me ask hundreds of questions and encreases my doubt in anything and everything.


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  • I thought this girl would end up marrying me. Now I can't find her.

    • does this make you feel scared?

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    • I even saw some of the stuff she posted on GAG in my dreams beforehand. Thank you for your wise words. You have been really helpful. I know you asked for help first, but you ended up helping me a lot. Thank you very much, whoever you are. :D

    • LOL, I just realized I've seen your question in a dream before. Thank you. I know you'll conquer your fear. I believe in you. :D

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  • I don't trust most men after a break-up with my ex. That was a result of emotional abuse though.

    You might be depressed? I don't know you, but I know I suffered from moderate depression after my break-up with "the one."

    • it's been such a long time and i've been through many fases during these years.. im not sure how to call this. Thanks a lot for sharing your story and your opinion with me.

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  • My ex didn't treat me right. I fear some of the stupidest things. It sucks

    • This is so sad :( he must've been an asshole. Thanks for sharing this with me.

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    • Thanks

    • You too :)

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