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Play so my ex and I broke up 2 months ago and we didn't talk for 3 weeks after we broke up. He cheated and i didn't know what to do so i left. While i qas away he visited me twice and he regulary talked over messages amd then he told me he didn't know what he wanted. We are talking now and we see each otherand catch up. Yes we have had sex and kissed but latley he is showing more affection. He has started calling me a nick name he used to call me when we were together. I still love him and his mum told me he still loves me too. We haven't talked about emotions or how we feel for about 3 weeks. Im dying to talk to him about it all but i dont want to wreck things because it feels good at the moment. Should i say something? Should i leave it a bit longer?


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  • He is confused about his emotions too. Leave it a bit longer, then say something. He may just want some sex

    • He has slept with someone else and i haven't. He keeps saying that he makes stupid mistakes and he hates himself everyday about the mistakes he has made i dont know what that means for us. How long do i wait? I've been waiting to say something for a while now. We have been broken up for 2 months now

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  • Give it time, I'm going through a similar situation. I would just give it a little bit more time. But also keep in mind your emotions as well. Don't let his string you along.

    • He keeps saying that he thinks about moving away and I just want an answer about us. Im tired of being strung along. Its jard not knowing where I stand in his life. I love him but it hurts me not knowing

    • Then ask him. Be upfront with him. Yeah it hurts not knowing, I understand where you're coming from but you really need to ask him and talk to him. You matter too.

    • Yeah i will. Im going to ask him this week as i need to know what i want to do in life if he says he doesn't see me in his future

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