When your ex needs time to think because he is confused about what he wants. What should I do?

My ex boyfriend and I broke up a few weeks ago. We were in a relationship for 10 months. We met in college and we've been good. I was his first girlfriend. It only starting falling apart last month when we were constantly fighting. I wasn't letting him spend time with his friends and he accused me of cheating. There was a lot of trust issues there, and that's a big reason why we broke up. He broke up with me because of some of those reasons. He said he needed time to think about things, and that he is confused about what he wants. He says he still loves me and wants to be with me but not right now. He keeps telling me "If I could be with anyone it would be you" but he's not sure if he's ready for a relationship right now. This was my first intimate relationship and I'm very confused as to what to do. I still love him and apart of me always will, I'm just not sure if I should be waiting around for him to make up his mind or not. He says he still likes the intimate side of the relationship but not the other parts. I need help...


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  • When a guy says he's not ready, not good enough for you, whatever, BELIEVE IT. Take this opportunity to date some new guys. You will probably meet one who loves you and is ready for a relationship.

  • give the space and time


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