Are u agree with friend after brokeup?

Are you people okay when he or she treat you as a friend after breaking up . as u do have a lot of feelings for her or him So my ex treated me as a friend but I have so much feeling for her but the way she send me message like after a week but before in a relationship she talk to me like 24 hours. I know it's now end from all apart I don't have patience that she message me after so long. when ever I ask her she said she is not ignoring me as she did. She break my heart so badly yet I am feeling alone can't back to my life again. Well it's been 5 month that we are apart all is over. She gives me a lot of pain. As I did so much for her. I know I am trying my hard focussing for the future but somewhere it hurt me still.. friend is this happen like she did with me.


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