Got left after 7 years for someone he works with?

Ok so me and my boyfriend broke up in April after 7 years but I have kids that he has Been a father figure too but he started talking to this girl he works with a month later but we never stopped talking and messing around since he has Been with her and she knows that we were talking the whole time but he is bringing her around his family and never out of the years did I meet half his family she did but now he decides to block me from everything but he calls me when he wants but we recently started texting back and forth and we messed around last week and spent the whole day together but she thinks he is finally being committed to her if he is so happy with her then why does he still sleep with me and tell me he misses me will that relationship last I can't seem to move on when it's obvious I should?
I just found out I'm pregnant what should I do


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  • It sounds like your failure to move on is the result of low self-esteem. It is painful for others to watch this kind of behavior so please understand people being angry with you.

    • Yeah a lot of people think I'm dumb cause I derserve better it's just hard when there is kids involved and there is history between us it's just not fair that he has someone to be happy with and its the holidays and I have to deal with the hurt and my kids have to suffer

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    • That's the thing we were talking about it two weeks ago he left her alone so we can work things out and he moved back in until one day he just blocked me out but she wouldn't leave him alone at work she kept pushing the issue to be with her I don't know I'm just in shock right now but I'll get over it

    • You will want to be angry at him for what he has done but you need to accept responsibility for having made a poor choice and you need to accept responsibility for creating a situation where your children suffered as a result of your poor choice. If you do not accept responsibility, you are much more likely to repeat your mistake.

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  • That guy doesn't need to be in your children's lives. I would recommend cutting him off if just for that reason alone, not to mention what he's done to you.

    • I know I just feel like stuck cause he doesn't derserve to be happy it just sucks that the ones that don't deserve to get hurt does I just miss the friendship part cause we get along so great when we are not together p

    • I understand that feeling. But my belief is that karma catches up with these people.

      That's why I try to do my best to have empathy for others before I judge, speak, or act.

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  • You need to move on. He'll call btu us to fool around with you while in a relationship with her as long as he can. You keep letting him think his actions are acceptable. At this point you need to take the children out of the equation. They are not his, they are yours and you need to teach your children it's not ok to be walked on.

  • He can only do what you let him do. He is taking advantage of you while not giving you anything in return. Please don't let this idiot walk all over you any more.

  • Move on! he is playing with both of your feelings!


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