Confused by this text, a little help needed? Looking for MHO, please help?

So, late on last night I dropped off my ex boyfriend's clothes at his door. he thanked me for leaving them, and I told him if he wanted me to replace anything (I spilt nail varnish on his book) then I'd replace it for him.

About half an hour after I dropped the things of, he had gotten very drunk and was being a little off with me. So I sent him the messages in blue below. I guess I had wanted to talk to him a little and felt he didn't really want to talk to me. But then he replied with all those angry faces and drunken jargon which has really confused me :S help?
Confused by this text, a little help needed? Looking for MHO, please help?
  • He is hiding feelings for you
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  • Perhaps he went and drunk dialled another girl last night and felt awkward speaking to you
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  • He got upset because you sent his things back
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  • He's annoyed at you
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  • Other (please comment below)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Did you really break up or are you just pretending to break up? If you are just pretending, then this is all part of that game. If you really broke up, then what you do is say goodbye and then you never talk to him again. That is breaking up.

    • No we have broke up. We've been broken up for months now. But he wouldn't talk to me at first and refused his things back. That's me ONLY just getting them back to him now, after 6 months.

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    • That's just sad though, it doesn't have to be like that surely! Well, why won't he give me a straight answer then when I'm quite clearly holding the door open for him to walk out of then?

    • I think I made it clear in those texts and he still didn't give me a straight, legible or reasonable answer.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Look at the text you sent him and then answer your own question. Instead of coming right out and asking him if he wants to continue speaking to you, you jump to the assumption of him wanting you to delete his number. There is nothing more annoying than a man or women who jumps to assumptions or pulls the guilt trip, like you're doing in your last text to him. You annoyed him.

    • Did I? :S it's just hard to tell...

    • Yes, you did. Sometimes it hard not to jump to assumptions. I've done it myself from time to time. But in this case, you did jump to assumptions and he got pissed.

    • He just always seems to not wanna talk, so I guess that's why I assumed :/

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  • He's your ex boyfriend and you still want to keep in touch with him? I totally get that... not really... no... I don't get it...

    • I don't see why not? We keep in touch with our other exes anyway.

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    • Yeah, good point thanks. He's never ever going to give me that closure I don't think.

    • I'm sorry, but no he won't

  • I don't understand why you're trying to talk to him. If I broke up with someone, its been made clear that I, or she's not important anymore, so the last thing I'm gonna do is want to talk. So in my opinion, I think he's annoyed that you're trying to get in touch again.

    • Well I have asked him his opinion on it and he's yet to tell me it annoys him. So what can I do really if he won't be straight with me? Huh?

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