LADIES, why do SOME girls go nuts?

After you break up with someone, things get awkward of course. But there is no reason to act crazy or uncivilized right?

---What does it mean if your exGF sees you (after a few months) and starts acting crazy (running away from you, making a scene, etc every time)

---Or when you call to ask about that crazy behavoir all she does is breathe heavy on the phone and listen to you talk. Without saying anything.


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  • - You're right, there isn't a point to act crazy or uncivilized, this goes for both parties.
    - If she does that she is clearly not over you, or is simply crazy.
    - Why are you even calling to ask about her behaviour? You two already break up, you should be happy that you dodged a bullet there. If i was a guy I'd get the fuck away from this girl.


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  • She still obsessed over that D bro

    • why not just say that - instead of acting nuts? ha!

    • Befause she don't wanna sound like Taylor Swift but she is lol

    • wants me to come to her!

  • All women are bitches, and that's how they deserve to be treated.


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