Will she call me?

I gave a girl my number today, and well let me give you a run down

In gym I was highly interested in her, We had a small chat, about push ups and sit ups, we chatted a little bit after that

2 hours later I went up to her, Asked her name, she gave me it..And I gave her my number and said "Call me anytime" and she said "Okay" So I went on with my day...My question is, do you guys think she will call? If She does what should I talk about with her/keep her int rested, I'm just worried I came on a little to friendly.

Later that day I heard from one of my friends that she was talking about how I was the first guy to ever give her my number.


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  • You did good, I like the swagger. Sometimes by giving a girl your number, and saying, "I've got to run but give me a call sometime", it peaks their curiosity and shows you're a man of confidence. But, it's impossible to say whether she's going to call or not. She might have a boyfriend,etc. If she doesn't call, don't let it get you down, it's not you, it's almost always something she has going on. And if you see her again at the gym, just play it cool, maybe ask if she wants to get a protein shake or something after working out.


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  • "I gave a girl my number today" - without getting hers. You can't expect to come across as a take charge kind of guy if you let her get in touch with you. She was probably surprised because guys ask her for her number which is what they should do.

    "I was highley intrested in her" - how does SHE feel? Let's see: "Asked her name, she gave me it" - a false friend. If she asked you yours, give yourself half a tick: when you introduce yourself and a girl says "What's your name?" it's a good thing. It means a girl is either interested or has manners or both.

    "Call me anytime" - the final nail in the coffin, you showed your entire hand. What's there left to know? She knows that you're dying for her to call you because girls have an immense social situation radar - she knows exactly where you stand, has the number and therefore has all the power. Bad thing. Girls are naturally intuitive and like to speculate, killing the chase is alright for about five minutes but then they get bored and leave.

    As for topics to talk about, to be honest, the blunt answer is be yourself. Let's say we give you a list of stuff to say you're going to run out eventually so her interest is so temporary it's a hell of a lot easier to forget it and move on.

    Personally, I'm going to say no - she won't call to organise a date. Idle chit chat, sure, but if she calls and says, "Hey, it's Gym Girl. I thought it was great you gave me your number, so great in fact I've cooked you a steak dinner at mine!" I'll be surprised.


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