Her ex boyfriend is going nuts!

A good friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend not even a week ago. She told him she didn't want to work things out with him and that she needed her space. He told her he respected her choices.

Every day since then, he keeps texting her and calling her non stop. Saying things like, "Baby I love you, don't break my heart", "You are the best thing to ever happen to me", your typical don't leave me lines.

But...the stuff he's saying is getting more and more...pathetic and crazy. She knows it.

He called her yesterday to see if he could talk to her about their break up, she told him she'd call him back after her class (which was in 4 hours). 5 minutes later, he calls her again and begs her to see him before her class.

He told her that "a break up is a mutual choice, not one-sided". He's coming over to her dorm tonight to "talk" to her, she told me she just wants to hear what he has to say and that she's already made up her mind.

I'm just worried that he's--um...a little off his rocker, he's acting like a puppy that keeps trying to hump your legs as you leave.

Should I tell my other guy friends about this in case he gets out of hand?
Well, apparently they had a nice long conversation in which she decided to get back together with him.

I'm dubious as to his actual intentions.


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  • Poor guy. While I feel she made the right decision, I can't help but feel for the guy. Sometimes you can have your whole world in one viewpoint, and then bang... it's gone. It's not easy for someone to take. She needs to delete his number. The more she answers his calls and sees him, the more he thinks things will be "patched up".


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  • He's just totally beta and needy.

    If she actually still finds him attractive, she actually onto a good catch. A guy like that is unlikely to cheat and very likely to provide. If she doesn't, she should have the respect and decency to tell him straight she doesn't find him attractive anymore, tell him why that is so, and then cut all contact until he proves he's over her. (if ever getting back in touch)


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  • Wow, the guys here comment that the guy is sweet, feel sorry for him, etc. If a girl did any of this, she is labeled as crazy! Double standards, much?


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