Is it really over this time?

I was with my ex on and off for 5 years. I began to have trust issues with his behaviour which he brought on by himself (topless pics of "friend", flirting with other girls, lying etc) I finally walked out almost a year ago and he's with someone new (7months) but doesn't seem very happy with her. I tried to cut him off for months but got myself sucked back into his charm even ended up sleeping with him which im not proud of he told me he was only "seeing" this girl but found this wasn't the case so i cut him off again. I found out last month he has been asking a mutual friend about me and keeping tabs on me through him. He even said that he thinks he's made a huge mistake by now getting back with me. We met for coffee and his focus was completely on me barely mentioned his new girlfriend but told me all the things he hates in his relationship with her. After 2 weeks I had had enough of being strung along and told him to make a decision and if it was to stay with her then he must not contact me or i will tell his new girlfriend everything and have the proof to back it up. He ended up deleting my from snapchat considering i had his facebook blocked and deleted his number from my phone and haven't heard from him since. This mutual friend told me that he said while out with him last night that he brought me up a few times and it sounded like he didn't want anything to do with me and this mutual friend should just sleep with me. I know I was the one to walk out but I thought I should work on myself first before getting back into a relationship. So my question is this, does he really mean that he's done with me?


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  • This guy is stale now. Treat him like he's dead.


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