What did he mean when he called me a "sad story"?

Recently I had been talking to my ex who I was not on great terms with as he had lied to me and cheated on me and when we were together had sexually assaulted me. We had been talking about ourselves and he had previously explained his upbringing to me, which sounded rough and I was sympahetic about. I felt like I understood him and his actions better after that.

I wasn't always so nice to him (especially after he had assaulted me) and as he had shared something personal that helped me to understand him better, I thought I would do the same in the hopes that he would understand me better. Basically, I told him about my childhood (not in great detail) which I must admit was very far from ideal, for example, I was homeless at one point, aged around 12-13. He is one of only two people other than family that I have told. He replied calling me a "sad story", followed by calling me a "clown" and afterwards blocked me. It upset me a lot. I m still upset about it, hence why it's on my mind.

Why would he do that? I told him about some of my most sensitive and personal memories. His response was a real slap in the face to me and I'm so hurt about it. What makes it worse is that I don t understand what I did to deserve that response. We are both in our 20s. I found it immature of him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I'd appreciate your thoughts.


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  • Self disclosure is hard because you don't know if you should share your past as well. He probably wanted you to sympathize rather than attempt to empathize. He doesn't think your struggle was as tough as his so he's probaby mocking you.

    • Yeah that seems possible. Although I didn't bring my story up on the occasion that he told me about his past and the things I told him about weren't really light topics either

  • Guy's like that are just fucking assholes. It's as simple as that. Don't let him get to you babe. He isn't worth it...


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