Do exes ever get back together?

Have you and an ex ever gotten back together? Is it rare to get back together with an ex after a break up? How long does it take ot get an ex back?


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  • I have but the breakups kept happening for the same reason. That's why I advise all on this site that needing space or wanting to take a break is actually a breakup and never advisable to go back

  • I know first hand people who spent years apart. Got back together, married had kiddos.
    I also know situations where the the opposite happened.

    In my opinion it all depends on how you leave things.
    It`s like your house you know. If you leave a big mess, food everywhere, dirty and smelly. Would you want to return to that place? hell2theno
    However, if you leave is smelling like roses (given that you like the smell of roses ofc), shiny and just the way you like it. Then you look forward to going back.

    Translated; if you have a big fight, saying things you can never really take back and generally mess each other up - and then leave. Chances are slim you`ll make it work in round two.
    If you on the other side recognize that this was not your time, the love is still strong but the situation in not practical or doing either of you any good. Then of course it`s possible to give it another go, and another, and another.

    Love is love.


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