Is My Ex Hiding How She Feels?

I am 21 years old. My ex & I have not been together/in contact for a few years. I still love her & she knows that by the way. Recently she reached out & we started to rekindle the friendship we had before we dated. Saturday I was being funny & sent her one too many good morning texts & after she said stop & i apoligized didn't hear from her all day. Sunday she simply texted me "Have a nice day". I said "U2" & she didn't text me back until i texted her to see how she is doing. I've done worse & she never cut herself off from me this way besides the few years we stopped talking after we broke up. We are just starting to be friends again & have already made plans to hang out in January/Febuary. For the last month before Saturday we slept on the phone almost every night. She dosen't NEED me to sleep because she told me she can sleep fine by herself & for the last two days she has done exactly that. Why does it seem like she is using something so small as an excuse to distance herself a little bit? Are those old feelings seeping in & she is trying to deny it?


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  • everybody hides their feelings


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