Did I screw up? Is it too late for her to miss me?

So I met her 8 months ago, we were friends (friend zone) for 2 months at first, and got on well except she didn't want to have sex (she said originally because I was still married, and getting divorced, then she later changed it to "I'm not attracted to you").. Anyway, after I walked away from her for a period of 6 days, she contacted me and wanted to see me... we had sex that night, and remained on (with a small fight and breakup for 5 days) for 3 months... We spent those 3 months mostly having great sex (some really freaky stuff too!), as well as enjoying living in Hawaii and exploring new places and creating (at least for me) some really great memories.

A combination of things... her family (very religious and opposed to sex before marriage), started to give her pressure to not date me, and on top of this she began to say things to me like "You're too intense" because I was more emotionally invested in her than she was in me..

It got to where the pressure was too much, and she doesn't cope well with pressure at all, and she asked to just be friends..

For a period of two months after this we had various combinations of friends, not talking, and hanging out like we used to (minus the sex), and there was occasional drama as I'd try to convince her to revisit what we had, and not to throw it away.. Culminating one night with us actually having sex, albeit very briefly which ended with her spilling a glass of wine while we were passionately fucking! she stopped and then decided she was done and wanted to sleep.. The next morning she acted like nothing happened. Later the next day we went out again, drank again and went back to my place where it looked like I might get lucky... well, somehow an argument started over something very dumb, and she threatened to walk home (she lives close), and I told her to "Get the fuck out then, go!" We made great memoreis but I was needy.. I wonder if it's too late for her to miss me after a long break from any communications?

wow, don't all answer at once!


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  • Too much drama! I don't think she is interested in a serious relationship and you tow have too many differences[ the only thing that you too agree were in the wild sex but other than that no compatibility and lots of argument. You need to move on!


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