So I saw my ex yesterday for the first time since we broke up, we didn't speak but I still cried, what should I do?

So I haven't spoken to him for like a month and haven't seen him in like 2 months and I just started crying when I saw him, I don't know why but it really hurt seeing him and I'm trying to move on but I can't I don't know why


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  • it hasn't been that long girl, it can be hard. I know if i saw my ex I'd cry. Time heals everything as lame as that sounds. Soon you'll be okay but who knows when <3


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  • Hang in their and try to be strong. I don't think you fully healed from the break up and this will take some time. Hold yourself together and go out and have fun. Make your self happy first. Also date other guys. Don't think about the ex. It makes it harder to move on.

    • I would feel bad if I dated other guys as I feel like I would just be using them :/ also I do go out with my mates and that takes my mind of him for a little but but after that I always end up thinking about him again

    • Im glad you go out. Yeah the dating other guys might take some time. I don't think you would be using a guy by going on a date with him. A date is a way to get to know somebody. It doesn't mean you have to like or love the person. Its a way of testing the waters. I think you just need more time to heal from the break up. Break ups are very tough to deal with. Just try not to overthink it and try not to think about the ex a lot.

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