Did he just lose Interest or did I drive him Away? With not even a goodbye text?

I met a guy on a night out with friends I was going through depression and anxiety and he ended being what I needed to get me out again. He didn't wanna be in a relationship because he had just came out of a 5 year one and didn't have the balls to leave her untill they got a house together. Long story short we was dating and talking everyday, he told me how much he liked me and wanted it to go somewhere when he sorted his life out. Then he went really distant and told me it was because he was stressed and didn't wanna talk to anyone but I noticed he was still coming online and so I started to send him essay after essay because I was depressed and feeling insecure, I kept saying look if you don't wanna know don't ignore me just say it and I'll go but he kept ignoring or saying it's not you its everyone in the end I told him to just block me if He didn't wanna know and didn't wanna actually say but he still didn't. I messaged him and said block me on Twitter coz I don't know how to use it and i don't want any memory of you he then finally replied saying he hasn't been talking to me because I turned weird and i made assumptions. I explained about the hard time id been through and that it wasn't me, but that I told him to block me so many times if he wanted me to eff off he said he didn't want me to fuck off but that I was starting to piss him off so I told him he's right I have been stupid with the way I felt with things and basically said I'll delete him but please block me on Twitter as he's still following me and even tho I don't use it don't want him on there and said goodbye, he didn't reply and still hasn't blocked me. I think this has just gotten gotton to me so bad because I did stuff with him and i don't usually do that and now I feel like I wasn't even worth saying goodbye too, at one point he was chasing me and now I mean nothing.. He won't even cut it off with a goodbye he's just happy to see me go by the looks of things. He knows I've deleted his number too


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  • First let me just say this take a deep breath. now listen/read this carefully the whole reason he's not unfollowing you cause he knows this isn't the real you and how yo really act. And how can a boy friend or an ex boy friend leave a girl like you in your current state. You are literally driving yourself nuts. He's not going to move on till he knows you are capable of moving on. You gotta find yourself cause really your causing him more pain knowing your in a way worse situation than he is. Just as he probably knows that this isn't the good bye the real you would want to say. He's basically saying that if your going to say good bye he wants the real you not the girl whos driving herself nuts.

    • He doesn't really care about what I'm going through he ignored me and then let me walk away with out even saying goodbye

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    • I wanted to give her the news i moved on

    • If you can't see your self able to sing this song you arnt ready to move on at all.

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  • Why do you need him to say goodbye? Why don't you just quietly close the door yourself and block him? His lack of words and actions speak more than him blocking you ever could. I'm assuming you're looking for some sort of closure but please, realize that that's not happening with this guy. And even if you got the most perfect closure you wanted, i. e. if he deleted you and blocked you everywhere, you still wouldn't feel good. Just leave him alone and walk away. He won't get it and you're not doing anything but wasting your time repeating the same stuff over and over to him.

    • I know I've deleted his number I just can't believe that he wouldn't ever say it though makes me feel worthless and I keep going on his Twitter, that's why I asked him to block me it's like he couldn't even be bothered to unfollown me I don't ever use it be he know why I asked him, he said just unfollow me if you don't wanna see my tweets and I told him I have but your still on there and I wanna erase you, if he doesn't wanna say bye then fine but to keep me on there while he chats away to girls on his profile. What am I turning into

    • You're turning into someone who's being really obsessive. You've got to stop caring so much. He doesn't care, that's why he's not bothered with unfollowing you or blocking you. Leave him be.

    • Yeah you're right everyone else keeps saying he's leaving the door open but either way I'm thinking too much about this, I need to move on and sort my own issues out. Thanks for putting it straight it's horrible but it's the truth and I hope one day I'll look back and think why on earth I let someone do this to me X

  • It could be he thinks you're a bit clingy. Lay low for a bit.
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