Breaking up to focus on studies?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for about a year. Last year it really affected my studies, and I did really badly in my AS levels, and now I need to retake a subject and do well to bring my grades up so I can get into my university next year. (If your not from the uk basically I need to do really well this year it's the last school year)

But the thing is we have little arguments quite a lot, and even if it's something small it's soooooo hard to focus and study.

We have already decided to see each other less, just in school and a date once a month. It might be working for him but it's not for me.

Also I'm worried he won't take it well and think I don't like him:/ I still do and after this school year if he was happy to wait I'd still be there for him, because then won't have to focus on exams.

Dunno what to do:( don't want to hurt him but don't want to fail

and thank you for answers:) xx


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  • It's your future we are talking about. It's how the rest of your life works out. When you are in your late 20's, you will want a good job with adequate income to be independent, if need be. So for the moment, it's study, study and then more study. Do the best you can for yourself. Get to that uni and get a bachelors, a 1st if you can. Then go on for a masters. Maybe a doctorate. Just don't give up learning. Knowledge is king!

    A boyfriend has to come second for the time being. In fact, a guy should be doing exactly the same as you assuming he's a similar age.

    • Thank you this is very helpful!

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    • Oh wow Sheffield is one of my choices too, but Cardiff is the one i would like to get into. hope you will enjoy it:)

    • Hope you do too!

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  • Ask him if you can take a break from your relationship until things are back to the point you think it would be fine to continue. It's not entirely a break up that way.

    • Yeah I think I will tell him that i would like to continue the relationship later on if he still wants to but just can't at the moment. Thank you!

    • You're welcome! Good luck in your studies! :)

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  • Just mutually suspend the relationship and swear to start it up again when its all done and you guys can celebrate. Accept its tough and steamroll through the courses and meet up again and continue. ^w^

  • You guys have like broken up, technically. Maybe put it out there, and say you guys are done. Be careful though. Every guy feels like he's entitled reasonable explanation only he wants to hear at the end of breaking up.


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