How long until you got over your first love?

I'm 23 and she's 18.. broke up 3 months ago, together for 2 years...

I want her in my life still even tho we are apart.. I've accepted that we won't be together at least for now and the pain is easier to handle now.. but i want to hear your stories, Also, do you think she's going to get over me easier since she's younger than me? I was her first in everything.


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  • I think perhaps people ascribe some mystical, magical quality to their first relationship, for me it isn't any more special than others. It was just the first. He isn't held in higher esteem than anyone else based on chronological order.


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  • Sigh!! Bro, have to get back to you when I find the answer to that. I'm in the same position as you.

    Even wondered and asked the same questions as you. She did get over me! I do believe it was easier slightly do to her being younger, but more so because she has a killer personality with a lot to offer.

    It's been hard, moving on are two words I almost want to destroy people for offering as advice anytime I seek it. You'll either get use to things as time pass bro, or you want until it escalates to a point she forces you to. Ignoring sucksssss.

    Good luck tho brada

    • thanks my friend... and yeah i get you :/

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  • Her first in everything? You took her first kiss and her virginity? I don't know what girl can get over that easily... I know I couldn't.

    • yeah, her first in everything... gosh sometimes i want to move away where she is and just be with her, risking it all... but she wouldn't do shit for me.

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    • We need more men like you. Most guys would have used her, took her v card and moved onto the next one. Instead, you fell in love. Seriously, I hope you two end up together. Otherwise, she's going to be damaged goods for the next boyfriend. =/

    • Na. She really doesn't care about me, when a person isn't interested in you you feel it because of their actions, i clearly dont play a part in her life anymore because she doesn't even want me in her future, she even hates my mom and still gets mad at me for anything... Its like she hates me when i didn't do nothing wrong. So i doubt we will end up together, she doesn't love me.

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  • Bro it's been 5 month still can't get over from her that days I cry a lot but now I can't because I can handle my emotion. She said me creep cling so more she is going to police because my friend make.. Mad her as they are saying about me to her but. She treat me as a friend after broke up the way she message me right after 7. days make me no patients son I got mad at her every time she now left ne

  • somewhere between 5-6 weeks maybe more i dont really want to remeber the specifics.


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