What does my ex want exactly?

My ex and I broke up about two weeks ago. She's 18 and I'm 19. Just before the break up we were fighting on and off. Most of the fights were from her doing confusing, frustrating things that I, pretty much, got confused and frustrated over. She would do something unusual and I'd react. The blame on my side came in from me, I guess, overreacting and making a bigger deal out of things than necessary. We were basically hurting each other during this time. A few days later we decided to meet up and talk and we ended the relationship there but the "talk" didn't exactly go anywhere. She decided it was for the best and at the time I agreed without question, still frustrated and confused. It didn't take long for me to regret that. Plus in my, now more level headed opinion, all of our fights were all things a couple should and could work through. Not just suddenly break up over. Anyway I've tried everything to get through to her. Not even to try and get her back yet, just to be able to talk to her and figure out what the problem is. I've apologized for the fights, told her everything I missed about her, apologized again, even told her she was wrong if she thought I'd be better off without her (she was always really insecure during the relationship) but all I get is an "I can't talk" "I gotta go" "goodnight" etc. However, she claims she's upset about this and that she can't stop crying, that she stills cares, that she's sorry. I even got sick recently and she was texting me the whole time to check up on me, but just refuses to discuss why we even broke up in the first place. I just want her back. Or at least clarity if nothing else

Could I have possibly done something so bad she doesn't even see it as worth talking about? Why does she still care? Is she just playing games now? Should I just leave it alone?


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  • Women are always playing some sick mind games. Be careful...

    Love and all that BS is for the movies. Block this bitch and forget about her before it gets worse.


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