You only cheat on your partner if that person is better looking than your partner. Right?

It's funny hearing stories of cheaters who cheat on their partner with someone less attractive. What's even more funny is that the cheater is proud of it. D'OH!


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  • People don't always cheat on each other because of looks. THere are other contrbuting factors to attraction and sex. People cheat on their partner for many different reasons. Maybe his partner is beautiful but its not a great relationship and he looks around and sees someone not so beautiful but avalible. So I guess maybe easy avaliability? Or whatever- there can be a ton of reasons. WHy he's proud of it- man I really don't know...

    Funnily enough I was dating this really hot guy a while ago and I had this crush on his friend who was hotter- but I didn't really cheat- just got with the hotter guy after we broke up. Sounds horrible, but I broke up with the guy I was with because our relationship wasn't working out- not because of my attraction to his friend.

    As a woman- I prefer being able to connect with guys, if that's not there then I get bored easily and move on.


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  • People cheat for 100's of reasons. Unhappy in a relationship, the thrill of doing something wrong, not getting sex from their partner, think the grass is greener on the other side. Many, many reasons, but when you come down to the one important fact of cheating is it is wrong. It hurts the other person and it shows that you don't have respect for that person.

  • I had a boyfriend who cheated on me with this hideous looking girl. I’m not cocky and my self-esteem could use some work but I’m 100% positive I am a lot better looking then her. I think people start to cheat when they connect better or want something new.

    But then agin there are the dogs out there


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