Is it possible to find someone better?

I have heard many times the idea that "he/she is just a man/woman like many, there are more in this world."

I am recently coming from a break up, but I don't feel that I can find someone similar or better than him. I don't feel I can feel the same or better for someone else.

I feel that I can't find someone else with whom I can feel something special, even though the first sentence is right, why do I feel that that statement is false?, why is difficult for me to move on and accept that statement?


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  • 'Better' is subjective. When we do eventually find someone else, it is up to us to condition our mind to believe that this person is better than the previous one we dated.

    'Recently' is the keyword in your question description. Moving on from a breakup needs a lot of time, especially if you were emotionally invested in him. Just give it some time, and you;ll feel better! :)


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