My ex called me when I left upsetting message?

So my ex of 4 months broke things off with me 2 weeks ago. What's different about this is that he didn't straight up say he wants to move on and start seeing other people. We had an argument and he ended up hanging up on me then blocking me on Facebook. I did not take to that well at all. I sent him texts, and even left voicemails wanting an expanation and closure, that I did not feel it was right the way he handled it.
Just last night I called him and left a message explaining how upset I was at the way he handled it and to please stop leaving me hanging like this. He called me and said he was out and would call me when he got home. He wasn't angry. He ended up calling me and we had a decent conversation. I was just surprised he went as far as calling me when he said he would, and wasn't mad at all.
I'm confused because if he was moving on and over me, he wouldn't have gone as far as calling me back. We giggled a few times and talked about his family. I would love for us to reconcile. Do you think his actions are leaning towards this?


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  • No dont go through that again guys can sometimes play games and dont realize they are doing it just do you dont go back to someone who hurt you being alone is okay go out with friends dance with people talk to other guys be you


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  • He's really immature. And you're over analyzing the situation. But leave me


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