Dumped on my anniversary by ex. Was it cheating, and what to do now?

To cut a very long story short, I fell in love with this girl and we dated for a year. The first 5 months were absolutely perfect, no problems, just relationship perfection. But then some arguments started, just some mild ones, we were both stressed at the time due to our school exams, however she later reaveled that during this time, she had developed feelings for another guy, however we managed to work through it, and became much closer, we were eachothers first love. Then back in may during a school trip to africa, i found out she was talking a lot to another guy via messenger and snapchat etc, although very suspicious and upset about it, she claimed they were friends and nothing more. For the next 4 months things just got worse and worse, she eas talking to him more than me, she'd even be out on a date with me but talk to him right infront of me, and she knew how much her talking to him hurt me!!! This caused many arguments but she didn't seem to care. She lied to me three times about stopping contact with him, she hid him from me, deleting messages from him, and it even got to the stage were anytime she gave me her phone, she'd sign out of all her apps so i couldnt see what she was up too. Then out of the blue, after a year together, she dumped me on our anniversary, and began to see him only 2 days after our break up!!! They are now in a full on relationship and seem closer than we ever were, and their moving so much faster. I still love her even after everything, but they keep shoving their relationship in my face, and she knows it breaks my heart to see, but she told me that "i dont give a s**t how you feel". My questions are, would you class what she did as wrong/cheating? did she want him for a while before we broke up? How do i move on, cause I've tried but can't seem to get over her? And lastly, this new guy is completely different and im worried about her, she's changed a lot (drinking/swearing, something she'd never do bef ore) and is hanging around this a bad group of people, should i do anything? Is it normal to feel this broken hearted and upset? Thanks for listening
she keeps posting pictures of the two of them together, and putting up quotes that are offensive and aimed at me. Im just so depressed. I love her so much and miss her like mad.


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  • People create their own roads.
    Sometimes you have to let kids make their own mistakes.
    She doesn't care how you feel. So why should you care what she gets into. Love can only go so far. Just my 2 cents.


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