Is my ex secretly trying to make me jealous?

Me and my ex broke up about 4 months ago. It was a really bad break up and things got really nasty mainly from my side. She blocked me on every form of social media and even changed her number. I know for a fact that she really did love me and was almost obsessed but I treated her quite badly for some time. Within a month she got a new boyfriend and I haven't heard from her since, about a week ago she decides to reactivate her old facebook. Delete me off it but not block me but keep my best mate on it, she then posts a photo on how she's having an amazing Christmas with her new guy. Which She had already posted on her new facebook which has all the exact people on it except my friend. I didn't respond to this and she knows it would make me jealous and that I would probably message her through my friends facebook. After a few days she has done the same. Has she done this for me to see? And if so why? Her new boyfriend dosent know she's reactivated this by the way.


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  • I highly doubt she would have done this to make you jealous. It just sounds like she's moved on. It's possible, but not likely


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