Girls, Offering counseling for my ex girlfriend and myself as a form to show that I've changed and want to work on our relationship?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me. Before she gave me many signs and like an idiot I ignored them and took her love for me for granted. Before she broke up with me she asked if we could go to counseling, and as a guy I just kind of shrugged it off and said we will be fine. Well she ended up breaking up with me. Our whole relationship she kept pushing it forward and I was more laid back thinking this girl loves me, I can do whatever and be fine. I never cheated on her or anything she just got fed up with it. I dont blame her. We broke up, we texted for awhile missing each other than she asked for space to heal. Its been a while since I've tried to do anything to get her back (5 weeks). I have gifts for her for Christmas that I am giving to her as a thank you for her getting my life back on track (I fell into a bad spot before we broke up with a lost job and some poor decisons on my part) but I'm thinking about having apppointments made to go to counseling to help build a new and better relationship, which I will give her the confirmation e-mail for her to read in front of me, instead of straight telling her, but still be there to explain it. Do you think she would view that as a sign that I am willing to put in the work to make our relationship work? Or do you think she would view this as desperate? As of right now I am kicking my own ass regretting what I did and how I could of and should of been better. I know she still loves me but she is scared to talk to me or give me another chance cause I hurt her so bad. I'm planning on talking to her soon and telling her how much I am looking forward to my future and that I am confident in myself again, but would already having a scheduled counseling appointment for us be bad? Any thoughts girls?


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  • You're not ready to try anything again with her


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