"Women are more likely to stand by sick partner's than men"?

“Twenty-one per cent of marriages in which the woman fell ill resulted in divorce, while only three per cent failed when it was the man who was diagnosed with a serious condition.”


Comments of random people from the interwebs:
"Because what are woman raised to be? Caregivers. This is also why we get guilt tripped when we don’t want kids. Its expected of us."

tbh posting this because I like controversy and GaG is a bit touchy when it comes to gender issues hahah. What are your thoughts?


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  • Raised to be caregivers? Women are born caregivers. Put a bunch of young kids in a room full of toys and the boys will naturally gravitate to the typical boy toys while most of the girls will grab the dolls and start nurturing them. I realize women are reluctant to acknowledge that because of the implications for gender roles but at some point we are going to have to start be honest about it.


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  • I've never felt guilty for nt wanting kids.. makes no sense. they are not here yet. how can you feel guilty for not creating someone who needs care. if anything a person should feel guilty for not adopting when they want kids. and this is not sex related. women or men, bc its a kid that could have a home. then people say they want their genes. ok but then obviously they are not having the kid out of guilt.. its a preference.

    anyhow, I don't know why men leave. saying women stay bc they are raised such and such a way.. maybe maybe not., can't prove that explains why men leave.

    i think its not about being raised its about present treatment. women get judged much more harshly for anything negative. anything at all. not just relationship stuff.

    and possibly women are less squeamish about realities of biology since they have to deal with it from an early age. responsibility of bringing or not bringing life into the world.. etc.

    what i find funny is guys are always looking for ways t show how disloyal women are. and while women do intake more break ups they enter into one third the relationships men do.. and apparently illness is not a major reason for breaking. so im inclined to think the break is bc of the guys hit behavior. caring for someone for ever ids not for the weak. nor is aging... if a person stays through that i doubt they'd break over something trivial.,


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  • I agree that women are raised to be caregivers and that's most likely why they stay. Also, women I feel are a lot more compassionate in that area, I'm not saying that men cannot be compassionate in the same way as women. Also, women think differently than men do, they remember all the good times they shared with their man, and women focus more on emotions in love and the future rather than the physical aspect and being in the now. I understand not all women are like this, and not all men are the opposite of this.

  • I agree with what you said. Women are raised to be care givers or coddle people, leaving someone who is sick would be the lowest of the low. I also think women have stronger emotional bonds and sex is lower on their list of importance in a relationship (but not too low**)
    A man might not want to see his partner in pain and will move on as a result. The woman may also tell him to move on so he can continue living his life. The man may want to continue having sex but the wife cannot give him that so he goes elsewhere.

    The actual illness may also factor in. Maybe men get sick with less life threatening/altering sicknesses where as women may be more prone to debilitating contidions where they do not recover.


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