How do you survive heatbreaks?

I know that sounds a little melodramatic but I don't know a better way to put it. In a totally simple version of my story Guy met girl, girl and guy were best friends, -Like I mean they made fun of each other and laughed so hard together, and both have admitted that was the best year of their life- Next year comes, guy ignores girl, then girl fights, then gives up, then decided to fight, makes little progress, then decides stop being a wuss take the risk, Chance is we won't make it but the truth is if I don't take it there's no chance. Tells guy she like likes him, and expects him to continue to ignore, he says -Why- with a really confused expression. And that gives her hope, and wonders what he'll say the next day, then Next day comes, he says nothing... not one word, girls heart just breaks, and is over come with confusion, and disappointment. that was two weeks ago, about to be three, and he still hasn't said one word to me, not even hi,There's really no hope now, I laid my cards on the table, and he decided to fold. But I hurt so much every time I see, him, and every time he glances out me... it kills me. How do I get over this, I cant... I've tried, I can't forget him, me him and another friend had the happiest times of our lives together... How do you forget that...
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and I know he doesn't hate me because I've effing SEEN how he treats people he effing hates!
How do you survive heatbreaks?
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