Am I being used?

When an ex says he needs time to think about things because he is confused. I was his first girlfriend. He still loves the sex though, we've hooked up and I've cried after because it still hurts. Is he thinking about getting back together or just the sex? Should I leave for good, or keep hoping we get back together? Love is a dangerous game. We were together almost a year. Sad, frustrated, I feel like trash. Advice and help please...


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  • Don't rely on a small probability. If he left you, he left you for a reason. But if you're giving him free sex, he's going to come for it and the need for getting back together will fade away since he's getting what he wants anyway.

    Preserve your heart and dignity and just move on.

    • We mutually broke up, we argued a lot... He said he can't be emotionally there but physically yeah...

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    • Yeah, verbatim. He's confused about what he wants and needs time to think. No contact right?

    • Seems like the best idea.

  • If he made you feel like trash then he's using you.
    Guys that like girls dont make them feel that way

  • ok my advise and im not going to sugar coat it for you, forget about him. Because right now he is leaving you in the dark but still enjoys the same privileges as when he was still in a relationship with you, and that's wrong. He is using you while he is checking out other options, do you want him to treat you as an option, do you want to be friends with benefits , if the answer is no, then tell him you need space. because you think this is wrong. right now he is taking advantage of you, you are hoping for you 2 getting back together by not creating any boundaries. if he wants you than its because of you and not the sex.


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