What are some signs that a guy is over you?

tell me all the possible signs that a guy is over u!


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  • just because he has a new girlfriend, isn't necessarily true. I know several guys who are currently in a relationship, but are not still not over their ex. but anyway, to answer your question. are you two still friends? if you are, does he treat you like you are just another friend of his now? or does he still treat you as if you are something more than that? usually when a guy is over their ex, they will not have a problem with treating their ex just like a they would anyone else (if they are still friends). if you are still unsure about it, just ask him about it or get a friend to ask, or just try not to worry about it, if he doesn't put off some sort of a vibe that shows he still isn't over you, then don't worry about it. just try to move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • He has a new girlfriend


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