How do I get a boyfriend when my ex alked trash and spread rumors about me?

I dated his boy for bout a week and I found out he was cheated on me and so I broke up with him and he started to spread nasty rumors bout me. that pretty much made every guy think I was a slut. and now no one wants to go out with me. what should I do because now I want a boyfriend I can see in school and have a good relationship with him. how do I get a boyfriend now?


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  • Sadly those rumors can last long in high school, my advice don't even react to those rumors and people should lose interest in antagonizing you. It could depend on the guys you into whether they will accept you for who you really are. Obviously the guy you went out withwas a horribly imature,inconsiderate jackass, but if you dress wearing short clothing more revealing, guys will think the rumors to be true. If you don't dress that way a caring guy should always see past petty rumors and see you for who you are, and not make assumptions or generalizations about you before they know you. With time the rumors will die. I hope you don't care what those people think because people as rude and immature as that should have no place in relationships,sadly if a guy cheats or is with a lot of girls its no problem, but if a girl hangs with a lot of guys or cheats they are instantly labled as a slut,whore,ect Eventually you will find a guy who cares for YOU and doesn't give a damn about what people say about you


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