GUYS! Would you ever do this to a girl?

Okay so I had this guy come down to visit me and we ended up doing stuff well I had classes the next day so I went to my first class came back and he acted like everything was fine then I went to my second class and I came back & he was GONE! he didn't even tell em goodbye or say thanks for letting him stay. Like WTF! really how could someone do that and be that inconsiderate of my feelings or anything & I feel like I did something wrong & it absolutely killed me I cried for hours so my question is would you ever do this to a girl or is he just an asshole!


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  • I don't know that he is an ***hole.

    Maybe he needed to leave because he had an appointment, and was able to contact you because his phone died.

    While I agree this is not the saviest of scenarios, this also doesn't sound like a situation where he felt there was a communication expectation.

    You're not describing this as a relationship, but instead as a "hook up" and the problem with that, is that each individual person treats a "hook up" very differently. If you're going to do this sort of thing, you really need to reach an agreement with the other person about communication, interaction, and whatever other needs you may have. Also, this is a good time to address whatever needs they may have.

    This way both parties are respected.

    However, what you may find about this situation, and this amount of planning, is that you may as well agree to a relationship, because the idea of planning gets away from the idea of a "hook up."

    So while I empathize with your hurt feelings, I can't say I think this guy was wrong, and I don't think you can really have any expectation when you invite a guy over, fool around, and then leave. Nothing in that scenario spells commitment to the other.

    • Yeah I understand that it wasn't a relationship type of deal we were just trying it out but honestlY I would NEVER or have NEVER encounter something that rude and inconsiderate in my whole life I don't care if he didn't think I was girlfriend material cause I wasn't into him anyways there is just a certain level of respect ya know but I appreciate your help & I would still stick to he's an asshole but I was just curious if this was something all guys do. Thanks = )

    • See, I really disagree with you projecting stuff at this guy.

      Sure, what he did was callous, rude, and inconsiderate.

      But he didn't put you in this position, you put yourself there. When we find ourselves in a situation of our own doing, and then we start blaming others, we forget the most important part of making sure we don't find ourselves in that position again, and that is what was it that WE did wrong.

    • Im not made that he left after we did stuff I'm mad that he couldn't say goodbye and thanks its common courtesy I don't care who you are I guess some guys just don't get that obviously that's why he did it cause he seen nothing wrong with it & that was the first time I ever put myself in that position & I absolutely learned my lesson and it will never happen again.

  • Yeah that was pretty messed up he should of said something instead of doing what he did. I understand you have the right to be p*ssed.


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