Why do ex boyfriends suddenly become cold, and shy after a break up?

We break up. with the hopes of MAYBE getting back together. The whole "We can be friends, and we'll keep in touch" "In January we will re evaluate our feelings". Then, nothing. No words, no exchange. Nothing. I get it the no contact rule. I haven't spoken to him in a few days. I am confused because on social media he still has all of our photos together. He looks and saves my snapchats stories, and is still "there" What should I do? I am very confused as to why guys act like this, Help!


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  • not sure maybe he is hurting, maybe he doesn't know how to proceed, maybe he needs space for a bit to allow things to calm down.

    • how long should i give him?

    • give him a few more days than message him and see if there is any change, by the way i understand that will make it about a week. just my opinion though.

    • I'll give it a little more than that

  • Guys are dumb, dumb and lazy.

    Its often the path of least energy. Its easier to ignore than trawl through social media and delete photos. Its easier, and often familiar to stick with the old routine. They often need a motivator to move on. Like if you went all stalky and commented on all this posts on FB he'd finally block you.

    Or if He found someone else who insisted that saving all your snapchats meant that he wasn't moving on then you'd find he'd stop then.

    So really you want the current situation to change? Its gonna be you having to action that change in some way... But before you make a move have a serious think about what you really want cos to me it kinda sounds like he could become motivated in either direction right now.

    Goodnight, and good luck.

  • Yeah... it's not being shy, it's hurt feels and uncertainty


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