I'm trying to move on with out an explanation, do guys just cut you off and think that's closure?

So it's a week and i never did get a reply to my goodbye message, he still hasn't unfollowed me on Twitter after I asked him to block me so I didn't have to see him, even tho In my heart I know he doesn't care the fact that I told him so many times when he was ignoring just to tell he didn't wanna know anymore and he wouldn't he kept saying it's not me and now I'm thinking maybe I over reacted because I'm the one who deleted his number and said bye maybe he wanted it to look like I walked away so he didn't feel bad I mean he didn't leave me much choice. Am I being stupid in thinking he might get in touch and that's why he didn't say anything? I keep thinking maybe he's waiting for things to calm down a little after I kept sending essays. Or maybe I'm just a delusional wreck who doesn't wanna admit that he simply doesn't like me anymore and just doesn't or can't be bothered to speak to me again. Think I've lost the plot here, this has ruined my self Esteem


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  • He could be the type that just doesn't deal with confrontation well. That's the type that just disappear without a word. Some don't want to see the pain in the other , while some just don't have the decency to give closure

    • It's so annoying coz I gave him so many opportunities to cut me off all I asked is that he didn't ignore me just do it properly, everyone has a right to walk away. But he kept saying it's not me its life. What is your opinion on him not unfollowing me? Do you think I'm looking ino it too much? As a guy do you think he Just hasn't bothered because I'm taking it that he's leaving the door open?

    • It is possible that he doesn't want to close that door , but not give ing you some idea what he is thinking doesn't increase his odd of things going very well in the long term.

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