Does a guy ever realize he misses you or he messed up letting you go? This guy is kinda cold but I really really liked him?


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  • Why would you want to be with someone cold? I mean, here you are admitting a pretty big character flaw he has and yet you still like him...

    and girls say they're not attracted to the bad boys...

    • well he wouldn't commit to me we have been on and off for months over 8 months just talking or hanging out recently he bought a house and begged me to commoner i went over i ended up losing my virginty to him I thought it would bring us closer and it didn't he said he likes being alone its all he knows and he didn't want a relationship but he gets jealous and acts like a boyfriend i'm heartbroken

    • My suggestion is that you dump him. You're only in for more heartbreak with that guy.

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