How do I get my girlfriend back when she loves her ex?

My girlfriend and I have dated for a year and 3 months. We recently broke up. She said she was unhappy and thought I was controlling and obsessive with her. I admit I was a bit obsessive, but she told me and I stopped being obsessive. I didn't think I was being too controlling. I didn't want her to go out partying and getting drunk with a bunch of guys. So I told her I didn't want her to do that. And I did check up on her the first few months we were dating by texting people she was with and even her parents, and her too, and I know that was completely wrong. So after a few months, I finally said "Look, I'm not going to do this anymore, you can go do what you want, I'm not going to control you." I completely changed for her, but she never believed I changed and she said she was scared to do things and thought I would get angry if she had fun. So a few weeks ago, she asked me if she could hang out with some friends and one of them was her ex boyfriend. And I was like yeah sure and I drove her an hour to where she wanted to go because I trusted her and I didn't want her upset or anything. She ended up sleeping over and that made me kind of uncomfortable. So the next day when she came home, I was kind of upset and blew out on her. We had a fight. She said she needed a break, I asked if there was someone else and she said that she had feelings for her ex again. She said they have talked for over a month and stuff and they never really stopped liking each other. She said when she started talking to him again, she was really happy again and everything else just went away and she wasn't upset anymore. She continued on saying that she gave me many chances and she tried to make it work but it didn't and she said that I drove her away. They aren't dating yet, but they basically are, they are doing sexual activity and stuff. They already say they "love" each other. He lives an hour and a half away from us and she can only see him on the weekends. Now I love my girlfriend to pieces. I would do anything for her and do anything to get her back. But she already likes her ex so much and there is no chance for us. I miss her so much and everything just sucks now since she's gone. I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know how it ended so fast and how much she already likes him and not me. We did so many things together. Can anyone help me?


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  • Is she still your girlfriend now or is she you ex gf?

    you re saying that they doing sexual stuff and whatever so does that make her a cheater?

    even if you were an obsessive psycho that doesn't justify what she did if that's what she's doing!

    if she has been talking to him for a over a monthand she was using you to drive her to where

    he lives as well then you might as well buy them a condom. they might need it! wtf?

    You are obssessed with her to a point that you don't even realize the fact that she was cheating on you! Hello! this isn't how your reaction should be!

    She cheated, asked you to drive her to him, wants a break cause you re suspicious, confesses her love, blames you for everything then confesses thier sexual activities to you?

    Even if I got that wrong and she didn't cheat, you need to let go!.let her be with whoeer she wants...clearly it won't be you because you were choking her but that doesn't mean that its okay to cheat whether its emotionally or physically!

    dont stalk her!

    • I realized I was obsessive in the beginning of the relationship and stuff. So I completely stopped doing that to her after she told me. I completely changed for her and I didn't stalk her. Then we kept dating for another like 9 months and everything seemed great. Then this happened.

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    • I don't know if she actually cheated. We were dating at the time when she was over there because I trusted her and thought they were just friends.

    • And it turned out that there was something, the spark was back so basicly you were actually driving her to his place so she could she cheat on you.... how ironic is that!!!! forget about her she is one unfaithfull ungratefull woman! even if you were obssessed or whatever that doesn't justify her actions... really lame! let her go, not worth it

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