The "I'm not ready for a relationship" talk, what should I do?

So i was talking to this girl for 4.5 months and things were great. She would call me everyday, multiple times a day (long distance relationship), her phone calls were like clockwork i knew when she would call me. I always picked up, always reciprocated her feelings and she loved that. We would talk long into the hours of the night and she always told me how easy it was for her to open up to me. About a month ago she started to act weird with me. She started to slowly distance herself with me and i wasn't sure why. So eventually i asked her if everything was ok between us and she started to cry and breakdown. She told me she has a fear of trust and has a fear of putting her heart out there. And she really wants to love who doesn't (she's referred to me as her future husband multiple times by the way and told me she loves me but has to stop herself from saying it). She said she's scared about a lot of things and that she's afraid her heart would be broken again. In short she's afraid of emotional intimacy, but she initiated so much of it during the course of 4.5 months so i dunno how all of a sudden this would be the case. Honestly, i wasn't clingy, she'd call me she'd tell me she missed me (i missed her too) i just reciprocated and made conversations that were fun and light hearted and when she wanted serious convos i would listen and provide honest feedback. I only sent her good morning and goodnight texts daily left the rest to her. She is supposed to be in my state and about 15 mins away from me next week, we had planned to meet but last week before she left for her euro trip with her cousin she finally told me we needed to talk. It was short she just said she wasn't ready to be in a relationship and that doesn't know how she could suddenly feel this way. I asked her what would she need from me? To leave her be until she's here and if she wants she can text me? She said yes, and i asked if maybe she'd wanna meet for coffee she said she'd play it by the ear. help!


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  • In my experience the "I'm not ready for a relationship" thing means specifically with you. Cut her loose.


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