Should I say something?

Okay so me amd my now ex broke up in October and we did the whole no contact thing for 3 weeks and he reached out to me. We talk like friends and the other night we kinda talked about feelings
He said he is sorry about everything he put me through and that he misses me. I told him i miss him too. He has made plans and stuff like telling me we are taking our dogs to the beach when they are better amd i still talk to his family and visit them all occasionally. I was talking to his mum and his mum said he still loves me. Its hard because this time last year we first started seeing each other. We both agree that we are confused about what's happening between us. I would love to try again but i dont know how he feels about us. Do i say something to him? Do i ask if this is us sorting things out?


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  • Don't rush and give yourself some time (you're now just a friends) to see things clearly to determine what you want.

    • I kinda had a talk to him and we both agree that there is still something between us and i asked if he saw us working things out and he said he hopes so.. dont know what that means but im willing to go with the flow with him

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    • I will try he knows he can make me angry and frustrated over his actions. Im trying to think postivie like telling myself that he either wants me or doesn't and that life goes on with or without him.

      Its hard im not going to lie its so hard but i feel as if he is just stringing me along at the moment

    • he can't make you angry and frustrated, unless you let that happen. In this situation follow your mind not your heart. because your heart is full of emotion that could blind you from seeing the truth. don’t wait around for someone else to give you permission to live your life, your life and your choices are your own.

      what I'm trying to say is... you already surrounded yourself with limited choices (but why?). I understand that's you're still care, but don't lie to yourself, even if it a white lie about this relationship.

      be honest, realistic and tell yourself the truth, (because this is called self-knowledge) and truth will pushes you to take best decision and make you strong in this situation.
      just give yourself time to decide who are you, what do you want, what will you be.

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