HELP!!! Is this a sign? Or would you take it as one?

My ex and I are trying to get back together I think but lately he been too busy for me I guess.

This morning I butt dialed him by accident (which probably has no meaning at all). Then I had a patient that told me about their love story and the woman told me not to ever give up and was pretty adamit about it.
Guys please comment!!!
Comments are wanted please!!!


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  • Why the heck are you anonymous for this? Could happen to anyone..
    No, it's not a sign, it's advice from your patient, that it's better to try and fail than to always wonder what would have happened!!


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  • Why are you looking for a sign? As admirable as not giving up what's so ever, know when to give is as admirable. Having said that, it's best to be optimistic and hope for the best, but you're also hurting yourself that much further if it doesn't work it for some reason. I do hope things work out for the both of ya

    • Thanks but is it a sign or would you take it as one

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  • I wouldn't take it as a sign. I think it's just her telling you not to basically give up and water your relationship. It will bloom into something wonderful if you make the time and effort.

    • You think that's what there saying or it means

    • I assume it's what it means. What they're saying is just giving you hope

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